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It was the legacy of Wei Jin and also the arrogance of Hu Yi. It was an unreasonable Confucianism. It was the best time to avoid the world of the world. The picturesque landscapes of the Wanli Rivers and the Four Seas were the cheap oakley sunglasses, fake oakley sunglasses free shipping. But this is also the most brutal era. The desire enshroued the pro-kind from Taejong. The son-in-law and brother-in-law brothers, the father killed the son, the son rebelled, the wife sought the husband, and the son rebelled against the king. The world of Li Tang was like a nightmare, and the phase of the imperial power changed. Sneaky and save! Nine dogs and dogs, this rumors spread to the legends of the Tibetans in the later generations, whether true or false, but they actually reflect on this day of the Tang Dynasty, then a puppies, abandoned in the On the way back to the school level, I still think of the cheap oakley sunglasses, fake oakley sunglasses free shipping I just saw: “Nonhuman, humanoid RPG!” This is Fang Ping’s degree of destruction through the scene. He judged the master’s strength and “we should add wisdom and ability to walk.” Run, the blood is enough to be an infinite RPG! "The master's single destructive power may not be as good as a missile. It is better to say that the nuclear bomb can kill. It is not necessarily true who is big or small! After all, missiles and nuclear bombs are dead objects, and even if they are attacked, they will not necessarily die in a closed city. They will be washed by missiles, and they may not be able to destroy all cities in a closed city. This kind of humanoid RPG is a master. Throw in, do not consider the consumption of blood, kill the city people have no problem and hide it is difficult to hide! What's more, what he sees is all strength? The two masters just made a study for the company's business scope. This is not a war of life and death. It took a few minutes to discuss and discuss. Can anyone say what is clear? Maybe, at the moment of life and death, these people can erupt even more powerfully! Thinking of this, Fang Ping suddenly said: "They are enough for the day of Huang Bin!" The reason why Yan Huang Bin is that this guy mistakenly led Fang Ping's impression of the military. He was killed by several bottles of drugged drugs. In those days, Fang Ping really felt that the military was so minimal that the next three Wuwu people were merely ordinary people. It was just that. It was better than Liu Dali, and it was easy to beat the bluestone. It was once more a freehand experience. The bullet is still human?

If Fang Ping takes the next three items of weapons, he treats them like Huang Bin. Afterwards, he does not know how to die. If Huang Binquan knows, he will never miss Fang Ping! In the afternoon, the video of the war of the two major masters was still a hot topic for discussion. Although Fang Ping already knew that these guys did not even see the shadows, they did not prevent these people from making bloody excitement until they left cheap oakley sunglasses, fake oakley sunglasses free shipping. Gradually calm down, Fang Ping is preparing to pick up and leave. Liu Anguo, the head teacher, enters the classroom. “Wu Ke candidates can stay. Other students can go back.” The other students do not stay. They all have a few guys and they run very fast. His face still has a bright color, as if there are any good things like they are gone, Fang Ping is thinking a bit more, could not help but said: "The teacher, who cleaned the health?" Liu Anguo stunned! Wu Zhihao is also a little dazed, and this question... is a good question! Today is not their day, and they all ran away on the day. Should they clean up afterwards? Liu Anguo was a little speechless and said for a long while: "You will be cleaned, and you'll all sit down and say the right thing!" Old Liu was also embarrassed and hurriedly transferred the topic. Whoever remembers cleaning things up, you have more to say! Fang Ping laughed aloud. It was not annoying to clean the house recently. It reminded me of the cheap oakley sunglasses, fake oakley sunglasses free shipping Lake Court. Now I rely on his own cleaning. I don't know the pain of doing housework. Fang Ping feels that every time he goes to clean up, All his cultivation troubles were on his whim, and Liu Anguo coughed and opened the subject and said: "Today is already on the 25th. There are only five days left for the medical examination. Although it has not been announced yet, the school has already got it. The classmates in our class have passed the examination this time. “Prior to the trial, there are few people eliminated. Except for some who are lucky or have problems after enrollment, others can almost survive.” Arrangements: On the morning of the 30th, everyone came to the school collectively. The school arranged a car to send everyone to another school in Ruiyang and also booked a hotel in Ruiyang. Of course, if you don’t want to, you can go to Ruiyang yourself, but don’t miss it. Physical examination time still, these days we feel that time is tense, can not be used to school class ... ... "Wu Kekao soon, we must give these Wuke students put a few days off to rest about Liu Anguo They said: "All these people have a good rest in these days, work and rest, don't over-train their bodies, and hurt the body but they're not good," said the specific assembly time, and Liu Anguo no longer stays for a long time. When I walked, I thought of something and turned around and said, “You remember to clean up the classroom!” One of Wu Zhihao’s few people looked to Fang Fangping and looked innocent: “Look what I’m doing, I don’t mention it. It was also our livelihood.” Wu Zhihao also did not bother to continue this topic. He asked while holding a broom and said: “Today Ma Zengshi said one thing a day, but he forgot to reward Fang Ping. Are you sure?”

Fang Ping does not, this guy Wu Zhihao recently very interesting, from time to time to test him, mentioning Wang Jinyang. I know everything about you. You can't look like me. Fang Ping knew what he was thinking, but he did not respond positively. He asked you to guess that Fang Ping did not respond positively. Wu Zhihao was also used to it and said, “What are your arrangements for the next few days?” Yang Jianxiao Hehe said: "Take medicine, tonics, exercise. I should be a little bit taller than before. Although I didn't check it, I thought I must have 114 cards. Before the examination, I would eat another blood and then use Wang Ge's Emotional outbreak method to physical examination.If you can have 116 cards, I think that admitted to Wuke's hope is very big," Yang Jian said so, everyone is a bit envious, can burst to 116 cards, really hope cheap oakley sunglasses, fake oakley sunglasses free shipping. Last year, the lowest 112 cards, generally around 115 cards. This year will definitely be higher, 116 cards may not be hopeless. Zhang Hao admires Yang Jian a few words and asks Wu Zhihao: “Shi Hao, do you have 116 cards now?” “Almost, I haven’t measured these days.” Wu Zhihao sighed: “If it was last year, Well, this year I really don’t make sure.Tan Hao and the two guys said to me yesterday, when they had physical examinations, they could almost have 120 cards. Zhou Bin had 125 cards before, and (2) the class, Chen Jie, before For example, cards and more, with more than 120 cards, and Tan Siming them, there are 4 no, 5 "Wu Zhihao said and looked at Fang Ping, this guy must have 120 cards last year and a total of There are five exams, and if there are more than 120 cards this year, if there are five or if it is still the proportion of last year, he will have no chance. And there are four or five people in one, blood is about the same as him.